Here is a list of links that I recommend and a brief description of each link for your consideration.

Amazing Facts is a worldwide multifaceted TV radio online Bible school sole winning ministry committed to proclaiming the gospel and the three angels messages of Revelation 14. They believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ and in doing their part to lift him up to the entire world. An excellent site for Present Day Truth.


They have a wonderful format in health related articles and media selection, natural remedies and health recipes.
It Is Written is a deeply spiritual ministry passionate about communicating the Gospel to the world. It Is Written seeks to impact lives for Christ in four ways - through the weekly telecast, the Internet, a worldwide evangelistic ministry and Christian Living and Faith Sharing resources. Dedicated to sharing insights from God's Word with people around the world. Founded in 1956 by George Vanderman.

A great source for Bible Answers. helps people around the world discover what the Bible says about life's questions. Here you will find counsel, direction, encouragement and help - all from God's Word. Furthermore, most of features are available in a multilingual format.
Maranatha Media has nearly 700 books in their database and over 250 Bible studies, over 300 Charts and over 200 Audio sermons and seminars. Currently there are over 1700 resources available for download. You will find Maranatha Media to contain the largest collection of Adventist books and Bible studies available free on the web.

This is a very nice Bible text search site, and it has many Bible translations and other nice features.   
The God-given right of religious liberty is best exercised when church and state are separate. Government is God's agency to protect individual rights and to conduct civil affairs; in exercising these responsibilities, officials are entitled to respect and cooperation.
Religious liberty entails freedom of conscience: to worship or not to worship; to profess, practice and promulgate religious beliefs or to change them. In exercising these rights, however, one must respect the equivalent rights of all others. Attempts to unite church and state are opposed to the interests of each, subversive of human rights and potentially persecuting in character; to oppose union, lawfully and honorably, is not only the citizen's duty but the essence of the Golden Rule to treat others as one wishes to be treated.           
WallBuilders is an organization dedicated to presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built  a foundation which, in recent years, has been seriously attacked and undermined. In accord with what was so accurately stated by George Washington, we believe that "the propitious [favorable] smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation which disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself has ordained."

Signs of the Times invites readers to live as Christians in modern North American society and offers news, tips, and articles to help them do so. Published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, this monthly four-color magazine emphasizes Christs Second Advent and the prophecies and signs that indicate the nearness of this event, which Scripture calls the Christian's blessed hope. The current magazine resulted from the merger of Signs of the Times and another magazine called These Times. Before the merge, These Times served the United States east of the Mississippi River in the same capacity as Signs did west of that river. The first issue of the merged Signs of the Times came out in April 1984.

The Institute for Media Education: Dr. Judith Reisman, President. (Author, Scientist,

Lecturer, Expert Witness, Educator.) Dr. Judith Reisman is sought worldwide to speak, lecture, testify, and counsel individuals, organizations, professionals and governments regarding:

  1. Fraudulent sex scientists, sex education and 2. The power and effect of images and the monopoly media to alter human behavior.

The special emphasis of her work has been and continues to be the negative influence of these change agents upon children and society. Dr. Riesman's study supports the conclusion that Alfred Kinsey's research was contrived, ideologically driven and misleading. Any Judge, legislator, or public official who gives credence to that research is guilty of malpractice and dereliction of duty. Charles E. Rice, Professor, Notre Dame Law School.

Founded by Usama Dakdok in 2001, the Straight Way of grace Ministry travels throughout the United States equipping Christians to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ to their Muslim neighbors, as well as ministering to Muslims directly. Usama was born in Egypt and raised in a Christian home as the son of a Baptist pastor. He became a Christian at the age of eleven. Usama learned about Islam in school because it was, and still is a mandatory subject. To further his knowledge of Islam, he studied Islamic law in college. Usama came to the USA in 1992. Usama holds a Bachelors degree in Theology and a Masters Degree in Missionlogy from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Everthing you wanted to know about the Sabbath.

White Horse Media is a Christian media ministry based in Priest River, Idaho. Our name was carefully chosen for many reasons and is based upon the book of Revelation’s unique description of Jesus Christ triumphantly riding “a white horse” when He returns to planet Earth at His Second Coming. Steve Wohlberg is the Speaker/Director for White Horse Media. By the grace of God we are now “revealing His light in darkness” through radio, television, books, CDs, DVDs, public seminars, and the World Wide Web. We trust daily in the guidance and leadership of the One who promised, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20).

Amazing Discoveries™ is committed to exposing deception in the spiritual realm and restoring the truth about God and His Word through the proclamation of the three angels’ messages. In 1992 we met scientist and speaker Professor Walter J. Veith. After hearing his life story and his passion for truth, we invited him to hold his first public campaign in Canada. Over 1200 people attended his fascinating presentations on science and religion. In 1993, we formed Amazing Discoveries™ to be able to continue hosting public seminars in North America and to spread the three angels’ messages far and wide. Our website offers thousands of pages of in-depth Bible study on everything from Christian living to end-time deceptions. Other helpful resources include Bible study guides are also available for personal Bible study, and an audio library. Facts Of Faiths highly recommends the head speaker Professor Walter Veith and the Amazing Discoveries organization.