On one of my Evangelistic Meetings in Mexico, Dr. Hugo Leonardo Suarez Moreno gave me 14 Spanish PowerPoint health lectures that he had done. The daughter of the pastor that I stayed with in Mexico assisted me in translating them into English. Most of the lectures are short and present various diseases, the causes, the symptoms and preventive reversal treatments. Some of them show very graphic pathology slides showing both normal and the disease process. In addition, I now have converted them to slide show format for your viewing. They are in English and Spanish.

A Trip Through Our Wonderful Body
A beautiful journey from conception until adulthood. Hopefully at the end of this session you can re-evaluate your thinking of the importance of having a healthy body so that we can better serve God in representing His image and likeness.

This presentation deals with the negative factors of alcoholism, facts about alcohol, what are some results of alcohol usage in your body, how alcohol reduces the quality of life for people, their families and the ones around them.

Arterial Hypertension
The Silent Assassin. Facts on how to determine if you have hypertension and various medical facts concerning hypertension. The symptoms of hypertension, medications and medical alternatives.

Breast Cancer
This presentation deals with Breast Cancer. Defining benign tumors and malignant or cancerous tumor. Listing some causes for breast cancer, and who is at risk for breast cancer and lists alarming signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer. Also how breast cancer is diagnosed and treatment options. Slides to illustrate how to do a self-exam and pathology slides depicting Breast Cancer.

Cancer In The Neck Of The Uterus
This presentation deals with cervical cancer and explains why it is one of the most common cancers that affect women. It covers statistics, signs and symptoms and risk factors of cervical cancer and explains a cheap and simple study called a Pap Smear. In addition a brief description of the procedure. Alternative treatments options that can be done and a listing of when it should be done. In addition, pathology slides showing normal and abnormal cervix, uterus and ovary.

This presentation defines Cateracts and how they develop. The presentation goes through the causes, risk factors, signs, symptoms and the diagnosing of a Cateract. In addition, the treatment for Cateracts.

Cerebral Emboli
In this presentation, we explain how a blood clot to the brain is an attack that incapacitates. It lists the probabilities, causes in the development of a blood clot to the brain. Risks and prevention of blood clots to the brain and other organs of the body. In addition, pathology slides of the brain.

Coronary Disease
This presentation deals with Coronary Disease, inviting an Assassin to Eat. Statistics, signs, symptoms and risk factors of Coronary Disease. it covers the medical and surgical treatment options. The presentation also describes solutions and diet recommendations. In addition, pathology slides of normal and abnormal heart, depicting Coronary Artery Disease.

In this presentation we deal with Depression. We begin with a definition and then list the signs and symptoms, causes and factors that contribute to depression. Last, we look at treatment options

In this presentation we deal with Diabetes. First we describe it. Then we show the categories or types of Diabetes. Next is managing diabetes.Then the signs and symptoms of diabetes. Last is caring for your diabetes and some complications of it.

Drugs In Our Times
In this presentation we discuss Drugs In Our Time. Moreover their mental, physical, social and long term effects both on the user directly and indirectly effecting those around the user. We will also look at different drug compounds and photos of them.

In this presentation we discuss Obesity. We first cover the statistics of obesity, how it plays an active roll in disease progressions and the causes for it. We have you look at your body shape and the definition of it. In addition, how you can fight against it. Finally some simple advice for resolving obesity

In this presentation we discuss Osteoporosis, The Bone Thief. We first begin by defining it and then the signs and symptoms, specific risk factors for men and women and who is likely to have it. Finally looking at preventive treatment, medical and diet.

In this presentation we discuss Tobacco and the statistical facts about it. Then we explore the health risks and the long-term effects, even second hand smoke from using it. In addition, we view pathological slides of body organs from using it. Last, we show benefits to your life by quitting smoking.